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Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Elmo Johnson

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by Dr. Elmo Johnson via the internet:

Rev. Dr. Elmo Johnson: Sent to Save | Baptists Preaching

Rev. Dr. Elmo Johnson: Sent to Save (John 20:19-23)

Rev. Dr. Elmo Johnson, pastor of Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church and 

director of Uplift 4th Ward in Houston, Texas, reminds his hearers they are sent 

into a very difficult world with the same task as Jesus—to save it—and are sent 

with all they need to accomplish that task.

We are the light in darkness, we are warmth in coldness, we are 

kindness in a mean world, we are joy in sadness, love in hate, we 

are peace in madness, life in death, and good in bad.

This sermon was delivered during the morning worship service at Rose of Sharon 

Missionary Baptist Church on September 9, 2018 and again to a gathering of bi-

vocational pastors and ministers of the African-American Fellowship of Houston on 

the evening of September 10, 2018.

This Sermon receive an Award from the Associated Church Press Article 

written by Eric Black writer for the Baptist Standard

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