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Dr. Elmo Johnson has been 

Pastor of Rose of Sharon 

Missionary Baptist Church 

for 40 years; the church is 

located in the Historic 4th 

Ward of Houston, Texas. 

Dr. Elmo Johnson is Director 

of Uplift 4th Ward a 

Community Development, he 

has built over a 100 homes for 

those with low to moderated 

income, these homes were 

made available to residents 

who never realistically

expected to own a home; he also built a three-story apartment 

complex for senior citizens’ and Veterans.

Dr. Elmo Johnson has developed youth projects for children in 

Allen Parkway and Victory Place Housing communities; he 

provides activities and educational programs for boys and girls in 

the 4th Ward Community.

Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church has partnered with the 

nearby Gregory Lincoln Learning Center, a Houston Independent 

School District middle school of nearly 700 students.

Dr. Elmo Johnson has secured partnerships with Rice University, 

Texas Southern University, University of Houston, Lake land 

Baptist Church and Deer Park Baptist Church to provide tutors for 

these students.

Dr. Elmo Johnson has a vision of restoring Fourth Ward to a 

neighborhood of vitality and community.  

He has made it his mission to revitalize one of Houston's most 

important historic neighborhoods, and along the way he is 

providing homes, friendship, and hope.

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